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Notebook of the Rings of Memory n°12
The Guadeloupe

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Black saints and iconography during the era of slavery in the Iberian Peninsula and in Brazil – 17th-19th centuries
Didier LAHON

Didier Lahon taught Social Anthropology at the University of Paris X Nanterre and at the Institute of Advanced Studies of Latin America-Sorbonne III.

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Christian icons or Kongo symbols? Art and religion in Central Africa at the time of the slave trade, 17th–18th centuries

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, Cécile Fromont, originally from Martinique, is preparing her doctoral thesis in Art History at Harvard University in the United States.

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“Art” in a colonial slavery situation Saint-Domingue, 18th century

Historian and art historian. Researcher affiliated with the Interuniversity Center for Studies on Letters, Arts and Traditions (CELAT, Laval University, Quebec), he is the author of " Plastic language and identity enunciation. The invention Haitian art"

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From victim to resistant: memoirs and representations of slavery in the public monuments of the Slave Route
Ana Lucia ARAUJO

Historian and professor at Howard University (Washington DC, United States). She holds a doctorate in art history (Laval University, Canada) and a doctorate in history, ethnology and social anthropology from Laval University and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France). Over the past sixteen years she has conducted research in Brazil, France and Benin.

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The migration of symbols. The diaspora seen by artists in Benin and Senegal
Roberta CAFURI

University Department of Ethnology, Archaeology, Geography, University of Turin. Post doctorate, University of Turin; State doctorate in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Turin.  Fields of research in West Africa: Senegal and Benin; Canada: Ontario and Quebec; Western Europe: Rural Italy . 

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Willie Cole: Deported Objects
Jean-Philippe UZEL

A graduate in political science from the Pierre - Mendès France University in Grenoble, Jean-Philippe Uzel specialized in the history and theory of modern and contemporary art. He has developed his research on art and politics in the 20th century, the social history of the public and taste, globalization, multiculturalism and interbreeding.

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The unfathomable wound
Dominique BERTHET

Dominique BERTHET

Doctor in Aesthetics and Art Sciences. Doctor of Philosophy. Lecturer at the IUFM in Martinique. Art critic member of the AICA. Founder and director of the Center for Studies and Research in Aesthetics and Plastic Arts (CEREAP) as well as of the journal Recherches en Aesthetics

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Over memory, Bouts de bois hurlants and Blue line heritage  - Sculptures and installations by Jack Beng-Thi
Patricia de Bollivier

Patricia de Bollivier holds a doctorate from EHESS in the socio-anthropology of art. She taught art history at the Reunion School of Fine Arts and now teaches at the University of Reunion. She is also an exhibition curator and art critic.

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Shared memory. Representations of slavery in Vicente Pimentel
Christophe SINGLER

Professor of Latin American literatures and cultures currently visiting professor at the Free University of Berlin.

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From slavery in painting

Teaches philosophy at the University of Haiti

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