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Notebook of the Rings of Memory n°4 - 2002

African slave trade
Black Pirates and Trade Sailors

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Trade and slavery in West Africa in the 19th century.
On the perverse effect of Western “humanitarianism”.

Professor Emeritus of Contemporary History of Africa at the University of Paris-7-Denis-Diderot.

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The political economy of trans-Saharan trade and of the Arab and Atlantic slave trade .
Samir AMIN

Director of the Third World Forum, African Office, Dakar - Doctor of Economics, taught at the Universities of Poitiers,

Dakar and Paris (1963-1970) - Director of IDEP in Dakar (1970-1980).

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Atlantic sailors in the 18th century. Violence and trafficking.

Co-author in 1994, of the film of the “Rings of Memory” exhibition which took place at the Château des Ducs in Nantes.
Editorial director of the review “Les Cahiers des Anneaux de la Mémoire”.

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Slave trade, maroons, pirates and corsairs in the quarry of the Indies.
Nicolas NGOU-MVE

Historian at the Omar Bongo University of Libreville (GABON)
Head of the Department of Iberian and Ibero-American Studies at Omar BONGO University: 1985-1987.
Director of the Center for Afro-Ibero-American Studies and Investigations (CERAFIA): since 1998.
Member of the International Scientific Committee of “La Ruta del Esclavo”, UNESCO.

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The Black Pirates. The Nantes slave ship Concorde and the English pirate. Edward Teach aka Blackbeard.
Jacques DUCOIN

Doctorate in History (Paris-IV Sorbonne 1989).
Associate member of the Laboratory of Maritime History and Archeology in Modern Times (URA CNRS 1989 D / Musée de la Marine /

University of Paris IV-Sorbonne).

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Théodore Canot, slave trader on the coasts of Africa in the first half of the 19th century.

Martinican historian and researcher, associate degree from Paris-Sorbonne University.
Professor at the National University of Benin (Cotonou).

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Africans in the 18th century through collections of travel stories.
Jean-Claude HALPERN

High school teacher.
Doctor in History from the University of Paris I (1992).

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The principles of universal freedom and the mechanics of exclusion: the colonial debate among the merchants of Bordeaux in 1789-1792.

PhD student in History from the University of Melbourne

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Identities and identity rivalries in Creole Mascarene societies at the end of the 18th century and during the Revolution.

Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Réunion.

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Construction of a memory relating to slavery and political instrumentalization: the case of the former slave ports of Bordeaux and Bristol.

Ethnologist and geographer in charge of research at the CNRS.
Winner of the International Institute for Geographical Society fellowship from the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol.
Responsible for the program "Memory of slavery in the former slave ports", funded by the Aquitaine Regional Council and

integrated into the MSHA performance contracts.
She teaches at the University of Bordeaux 3 and collaborates with research groups.

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Testimony in the name of the Father.

Guadeloupean psychoanalyst.

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