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poetry and pratimoine


Through exhibitions, artistic and cultural projects, publication of works, the association Les Anneaux de la Mémoire begins a temporal journey back to the bed of Loire history. Since its launch in the spring of 2013, "Loire des Lumières", supported by the Pays de la Loire Region, has already aroused the interest of many partners: actors from the private and public sectors, historians, professionals in culture, tourism and heritage, artists, elected officials or ambitious citizens for the Loire region. The “Loire des Lumières” program promises to enliven the shores of the royal river – towns, villages, heritage sites.

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Loire des Lumières is a program to enhance the tangible and intangible heritage of the Loire territories, started in 2013. inhabitants of the Loire Valley.

The material heritage is immense and multifaceted, natural and built. Intangible heritage is so culturally rich that it becomes part of a form of civilization. These elements can be mobilized to offer the population of the Loire the assets – image, attractiveness, identity, quality of life, reflection and intellectual wealth – which will guarantee economic and cultural progress.

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Loire des Lumières projects and actions
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Created in September 2013, the Nantes association of Slam "Les Lapins à Plumes" aims to democratize and bring to life the poetry Slam movement, to reclaim the French language and to develop the notions of sharing, respect and The members of the association Les Lapins à Plumes met during the Nantes slam stages. Some are at the origin of the association, others joined it later. But all share the same desire: to bring the Slam movement to life, to inspire the desire to write, to say and to discover, to share poetic speech and to liberate it, thus appropriating this precept of Hugo: “The poet is a world enclosed in a man”.

The association Les Lapins à Plumes organizes slam poetry workshops in schools, community centres, socio-cultural centres, festivals... and runs Slam stages in Nantes. The association also participates in French and international Slam events and develops transdisciplinary projects with other artistic forms (theater, dance, graffiti...).

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