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La Griveliere


Ongoing project - 2019-2022

The Anneaux de la Mémoire are preparing a permanent exhibition on the history of this dwelling that will soon be open to the public. La Grivelière is a site of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe classified as a Historic Monument. The site is managed by the association Verte Vallée.

The site of La Grivelière is an old coffee house of the 17th century which was previously called Caféière Saint-Joseph. Around 1860, it became a rocouerie (rocou factory). The coloring material from the red seeds of the rocouyer was used as make-up by the Amerindians. It is then that the culture of cocoa was developed. At the beginning of the 20th century, the house became a coffee plantation.

After falling into ruin, the dwelling was acquired by the Regional Council in 1988, then rehabilitated by the association Verte Vallée with the help of the inhabitants of the Grande-Rivière Valley. La Grivelière is now classified as a Historical Monument and has become an important place for ecotourism in Guadeloupe. You can see the master's house, the slaves' huts, two boucans, a shed for roasting coffee and two hydraulic mills for hulling coffee. It is also a place for seminars, accommodation and catering through its guest rooms and its table d'hôte.

It offers guided tours focused on its history, on the culture of coffee and cocoa. This interactive, educational and attractive place welcomes nearly 25,000 visitors per year



The association Les Anneaux de la Mémoire, with its partners, will propose an exhibition on this magnificent site which will be inaugurated soon. La Grivelière has been undergoing rehabilitation for several years and welcomes 25,000 visitors each year. Perched in the mountains overlooking the first settlers' village, Vieux-Habitants, this site embodies a part of the history of Guadeloupe, its colonization, the establishment of the coffee, sugar and cocoa culture and the slave society. The Anneaux will intervene on the historical part of the site and will also propose an exterior signage. A large-scale project that we are delighted to carry out !


The Verte Vallée association, manager of the La Grivelière site, was created in 1994 by men and women who wished to protect the Grande-Rivière valley and the cultural and natural heritage of the village: Vieux-habitants.

The objective of Verte Vallée is to allow the insertion, or the reintegration, of employees in difficulty thanks to the apprenticeship and the training in the professions of restoration or reconstruction of buildings or infrastructures of the island of Guadeloupe. By allowing to have a qualified local workforce on professions and methods often disappeared, Verte Vallée participates in the development of the local economy of the island.

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