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Educational activities

History of slavery and colonization

Do you wish to work on themes related to the slave trade, slavery and its contemporary consequences? Do you have a project on this theme or do you wish to develop one? Les Anneaux de la Mémoire will respond to your request.

The Anneaux de la Mémoire are there to guide you if you are looking for a speaker for a conference, a presentation or support in your cultural, artistic and educational activities.

If you wish to be assisted on your projects or to develop a real work with a group, Sylvie Zamia, history speaker and member of the association, will be able to answer your requirements.

You can find some of the work done by students with the association here.      


Sylvie Zamia has been involved for many years in the transmission of the history of the slave trade and slavery. As a former teacher, she participates in numerous cultural and educational projects and works throughout France.

Sylvie Zamia coordinates the actions of the Remembrance Days of the Slave Trade, Slavery and their Abolitions in Dreux since 2014.

Sylvie Zamia, educator and project leader

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Some projects carried out with Sylvie Zamia

Cultural action « They will even take away our name »theater performance, mediation and educational projects - 2021

Maison de quartier de Doulon, general and technological high school of La Colinière, collège de la Colinière, collège Rutigliano, Centre Culturel Port-Boyer,

Objective of the project: to propose a contemporary theater creation on slavery to young audiences, schoolchildren and non-schoolchildren, inhabitants of priority neighborhoods, educational actors and associations in the East-Erdre neighborhoods of Nantes.

The Doulon auditorium hosted a performance for school children at 2:00 pm and one for the general public at 8:30 pm, followed by an onstage performance. The cultural and scientific mediation on slavery for schools was carried out by Sylvie Zamia, in three schools and at the Maison de quartier de Doulon on the theme « History of the slave trade and slavery around the show ».

Public benefiting from the educational activities: 100 students and 4 teachers (2 middle schools, 2 high schools)

Audiences who participated in the performances: 243 people (primary, secondary, high school and all public in the evening)

Project with high school students // Creation of posters against slavery - 2018

City of Saint-Denis, Paul Eluard high school, CM98, CCEM, Philippes Monges, Sylvie Zamia

Cultural mediation with primary school students- 2018

City of Vernouillet, The Anneaux de la Mémoire


As part of the days of the abolition commemorations, the City of Vernouillet offered mediations to the city's primary school classes around the educational exhibition Les Anneaux de la Mémoire.

Supervised and accompanied by Sylvie Zamia, the pupils developed their knowledge on the history of the triangular trade and the great figures of the resistance to the European colonial slavery

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