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On the traces of « Nantes Port Négrier »(Slave trading port)

Discover the old port of Nantes in the 18th century. From the Feydeau Island to the Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery, we offer you a 2-hour visit. The guide Françoise de Cossette will take you through the city center to help you discover the heritage related to the history of slavery and the slave trade in Nantes.



Through a dozen stations in downtown Nantes, discover the former mansions of slave owners and traders. You will discover the facades decorated with ancient figures, representations of Africans, Amerindians, pirates and ancient gods. This itinerary invites you to retrace the maritime identity of the city which, before the filling of its river, was known as the "Venice of the West".


The visit can be adapted to your wishes, your requests and the age of the participants. In a school, professional or friendly context, we adapt to your wishes.

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The role of Nantes in the trade of enslaved peoples (16th-19th centuries)

As the main French slave port and the fourth European port, Nantes was the French capital of the legal and illegal slave trade between the 18th and 19th centuries.

The slave trade was encouraged and financed by the French royalty who authorized certain ports to practice it. From 1700 to 1830, ships built and armed in Nantes left the Loire River loaded with various luxurious goods from all over Europe bound for Africa. The ships brought back various colonial goods to the Nantes quays: sugar, cotton, coffee, indigo, precious woods, tobacco, but also a little gold and ivory. The trade represented an intense economic activity for the European powers - an activity in which France took an active part. In total, 12 million captives were deported from Africa to the Americas as part of the Atlantic slave trade.

Rates and information :

Duration: 2 hours approximately


Price: 200 € for a group, up to 30 people.


Rate with translator:  on request


Languages offered: English - Spanish


approximately 2 kms long


Contact us to book the time that suits you :

02 40 69 68 52

  Map of Nantes slave port 

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