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 habitation zévallos 

HISTORY OF A Guadeloupe sugar farm

Current project |   2021-2022

Within the framework of the project of restoration and development of tourism of the Zévallos House, the association of the Friends of Zévallos and the owners of the site of Zévallos undertake restoration work of the whole of the site classified as Historic Monuments.

Our association, Les Anneaux de la Mémoire, is carrying out the historical study of the site by providing the scientific elements necessary for the implementation of the project of heritage enhancement and mediation.

The historical study is based on written, oral and archaeological sources, and is carried out from an anthropological, ethnological and linguistic point of view, in order to better understand the past of the site, but also that of the men and women who lived there.


 The objective is to animate and highlight the history of the site of Zevallos in all its dimensions. The project of restoration and tourism of the Zévallos House will:

  • Offer a historical and cultural visit of high scientific and didactic quality to visitors;

  • set up a scenography that will bring life to a site that is currently animated only by guided tours;

  • respect the identity of the historical monument of Zévallos;

  • offer quality additional services such as a scenographic brewery and store.

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The Friends of Zévallos Association, created in 2012, has taken on the mission of preserving the Zévallos House and disseminating its history to as many people as possible. These are two ways to preserve the memory of slavery but also that of the sugar revolution in Guadeloupe. The Habitation Zévallos is already fully integrated in the tourist and cultural landscape of Guadeloupe. The site is No. 2 of 29 places to visit in Grande-Terre (Tripadvisor 2020). The site of Zévallos is visited several times a week in the framework of a unique guided tour, but of great quality. The future project of restoration and enhancement of the site of Zévallos will have to allow to develop a more ambitious cultural and economic project.

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