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The Notebooks of the Rings of Memory

The Nantes association Les Anneaux de la Mémoire has published every year for nearly 20 years a collection of articles by authors involved in the themes of the slave trade and slavery.

This review strives to participate in the work of memory on these questions with the help of the authors who collaborate in this project, from their own research subjects.

The first step is to learn from history in order to better understand what it has bequeathed to the contemporary world.

And it is on this basis that philosophical, anthropological, psychoanalytical, artistic or literary reflections are solicited and thus participate in this work. It is the collaboration and support of nearly 300 authors from various geographical and cultural backgrounds. which make the content and quality of the works already published. 

You can also download the articles from the Notebooks of the Rings of Memory for 2€

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