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Since 2006, the national day of commemoration of the memories of the slave trade, slavery and their abolition has been set for May 10. May 10 is the anniversary date of the adoption by the Senate of the so-called “Taubira” law recognizing the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity.


The national day in tribute to the victims of colonial slavery is set for May 23 following the law on real equality of February 2017.

France is the first State and remains the only one which, to date, has declared the slave trade and slavery a crime against humanity. It is also the only state to have declared a national day of remembrance.

On the occasion of this day, actions are carried out by the National Education and many associative and cultural actors. It is also a day of civic reflection on respect for human dignity and the notion of crimes against humanity.

The association presents each year, in Nantes, a program around the month of memories. Les Anneaux de la Mémoire are also present in Dreux where the association organizes events with Sylvie Zamia, member of the association.

Find here, each year, the program offered by our association and the program of the city of Nantes and the participating associations.

PROGRAMME mai 2024
PROGRAMME mai 2023
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